FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! Will Smith’s lifestyle

Will Smith is one of my favorite actors. I adore his movies and acting. This inspiring fan video makes me respect him even more! Totally agree with his expressions =)

These are some of the quotes taken from this short vid:

this is what i believe, and im willing to die for it.*
i know who i am, and i know what i believe, and thats all i need to know.*
where we were almost didnt matter because we were becoming something greater.*
skill is developed by spending hours and hours and hours on ur craft.*
theres no easy way around it.. no matter how talented u are, ur talent is gona fail u if ur not skilled .. u gotta dedicate urself to being better every single day.*
if ur not making someone elses life better, then ur wasting ur time.. ur life will become better by making other lives better.*
theres no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A.*
being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.*
our thoughts/feelings/dreams/ideas are physical in the universe that if we dream something and picture something, and if we commit ourselves to it .. then the universe is not the thing thats gona push us around.. that we are gonna bend the universe and command the demons of the universe to make it become what we want it to become.*
there is a redemptive power that making a choice has… u just decide what its gona be, who youre gona be, how ur gona do it.*
im motivated by fear — fear of fear.. i hate the ‘scared-to-do something’. start attacking things that you’re scared of.*
the truth is the only thing thats ever gona be constant.*
dont ever let somebody tell u that u cannot do something.. u gotta dream and u gotta protect it.. if u want something, go and get it. period.* 🙂

– Thank you



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