Today i had one of those days when you REALLY understand the sense of living! I did my craziest thing so far – I jumped of a 42-meter high bridge!!!!! AAAAAAAAAh

Rope jumping of course =) But still, i do NOT recommend it to people with heart, head, back and nerves problems…The jump lasted only 3 seconds but that was enough for me to get scared! I felt adrenalin in my eyes! i mean they almost ran out their orbits!

When instructors prepared me for the jump i wasn’t nervous at all! But when they said to step on the platform i understood that i might have been not that brave as i thought… i just couldn’t do it! Nevertheless when i finally did it, i looked like…. hm…. imagine the picture: the girl stands at the edge of the bridge, with glassy, wide open eyes and holds the hands of both instructors reeeeally tight. They knew i can stand there forever… one of them said “Listen, on the count of 1 you jump!”

They started to count… 5 4 3 2 ONE! My instinct of self-preservation wouldn’t let me do that, but my mind told me “there’s no way back Alina”. So i jumped! without even a sound! The most scary thing was to see how the distance quickly and inexorably was shortening between water and me. When i had hung on the rope and swinged like pendulum i couldn’t move, and i didn’t want to =) my cousin that jumped right before me and others thought i had lost my consciousness. Then man in a boat took me off there and delivered to the shore safely)) Recovered i was proud of

myself for that! Good Job Alina!

That was an awesome experience! although pretty short) I will definitely repeat it! And would recommend it for people who want to turn back the sweet taste of LIFE! Peace!



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