FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! Will Smith’s lifestyle

Will Smith is one of my favorite actors. I adore his movies and acting. This inspiring fan video makes me respect him even more! Totally agree with his expressions =)

These are some of the quotes taken from this short vid:

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Dr Clown

Just saw a TV show about the 30-year-old people who considerably changed their lifestyle.There was an info about the first russian clown doctor working at the Children’s Cancer Hospital. He helps kids and their closest ones to forget horror thoughts at least for a while…

You may ask what is so extraordinary about this story except the compassionate deeds of this man. Well, it is the fact that he broke up with his successful career because of that! Konstantin was working as a lawyer in a prestigious russian bureau. He solved divorce process problems but dreamed about justice, truth and kindness in the world! To satisfy his aspiration he became a volunteer in Children’s Cancer Hospital. Doctors there offered him to try himself as a Clown Doctor. It is widely spread abroad, but not in Russia or Ukraine;(

One day he missed an important thing because of another court session. The kid dear to his heart died, illness had won…That was turning-point for him to cut off the lawyer thing and to devote himself to children! Of course he had ton of doubts, problems with financial stability that caused loneliness in personal life. But that was nothing comparing to precious smiles he raised. He didn’t lost his way! He found his horizon! And for his resistance, firm belief and mercy he got his prize =) Konstantin met the girl of his dreams that takes him the way he is. One day his old friend, the head of legal company, had knocked on his door and offered financial support for idea to creat Dr. Clown Foundation! Now he leads full and happy life training new Clown Doctors and fighting for children’s life with help of a smile!

When i watched the programme i cried, it touched me deeply!Thank you for the fact that you are Mr Clown Doctor!